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Our style is to work in very small groups, taking care of individual needs. With this dedication we guarantee that every player improves. We are also open to any suggestions to enhance the pupils’ performance and development.

At Ad In Portas-Puentes Tennis Academy we work on the following areas to ensure the players’ all round development:

  1. -Area 1: Movement work and positioning of the legs; before, during and after the shot is very important in generating maximum strength and good ball direction.


- Area 2: Technique. Dedicated to all the basic shots in tennis and improving every single one of them, improving consistency, power and precision.


- Area 3: We encourage and teach our pupils to use all areas of the court, enabling them to develop a complete game.

All this work is done through basket drills, controls and playing points. In the days preceding competition, there is always more emphasis on playing sets or tie-breaks in training, allowing the players to make aneasier transition to competing. This is alternated with different types tournaments personalised for every player-based on a calendar organized in advance.

Tennis requires work, perseverance, dedication, professionalism and passion.

This is what we ask of our players.


  1. -Area 4: Physical Training

A.- During pre-season (a period of time where no tournaments are played) we work on endurance (aerobic and anaerobic) and on upper body strength (arms, shoulders) and legs.

B.- During the pre-competition and competition periods we work on mobility, coordination and speed. Most of the time these exercises are done on court to make the training as life like as possible to reflect real life situations.

C.- Every day, regardless of the time of the year, we give particular attention top personalized exercises to prevent possible injuries. We emphasize the importance ofstretching in order to maximize muscle recovery after every training session (fitness and tennis).


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